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#ScientificSages: Shushrut

Acharya Sushruta is known as the father of surgery and the father of brain surgery, he is one of the ancient doctors of India. Acharya Sushruta's book 'Sushruta Samhita' is one of the oldest texts in the world of plastic surgery. It is considered the oldest treatise in the field of medicine and is considered the fundamental text of Ayurveda.Read More

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#ScientificSages: Kanad

Maharishi Kanad is known as Kashyap, Kashbhuj, Uluka, etc. His name translates to 'atomic eater', he was an ancient Indian scientist and philosopher, who founded the Veseshik school. Little is known about his life, he is known to have developed the foundation of the nuclear approach. Though there's a lot of debate about his birth, it is said that Kanad was born around the 2nd century. Read More

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#ScientificSages: Patanjali

Maharishi Patanjali was a sage in ancient India, he has composed many Sanskrit works, the greatest of which is the Yoga Sutras, which is a classical yoga text. It is said that Patanjali was born in the second and third centuries AD .It is also believed that he used to live in Kashmir, Nepal, Sri Lanka.Read More

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#ScientificSages: Panini

Panini is believed to be born between about 4 to 6 centuries, he was a Sanskritist and grammarian scholar of ancient India. He is known as the father of linguistics and was influential on the grammar of Padini even above Ferdinand de Saussure and Leonard Bloomfield.Read More

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#ScientificSages: Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna was an Indian Buddhist thinker and scholarly saint, he is one of the most important philosophers of the entire Asian island. He was born in 150 CE. Nagarjuna is widely regarded as the founder of the secondary school of Buddhist philosophy. It is also believed that Nagarjuna was an advisor to a king of the Satavahana dynasty who ruled the Deccan plateau. Read More

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#ScientificSages: BAUDHAYAN

A Math Geek called Baudhayan Budhyayan Ji is known as a very great mathematician of India, it is said about him that he had discovered it 1000 years before the birth of Pythagoras.  His interest in mathematical computations was greater than his interest in religious themes when he penned the Sulbasutra. Sulbasutra facilitates the solution […]Read More

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#ScientificSages: BHASKARACHARYA

Mathematician Bhaskaracharya “The second value is in this casenot to be taken, for it is inadequate;people do not approve of negativeroots.– on negative roots” Bhaskaracharya Jiwas a mathematician andastronomer, he was born inVijayawada around 1114 AD.Bhaskaracharya Ji was born in aHindu Deshastha Brahmin family, theworks of Bhaskar Ji made animportant contribution tomathematics and astronomicalknowledge in […]Read More

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#ScientificSages: CHARAK

Charak- The Connoisseur of Medical Sciences ‘Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind, and reincarnating soul. Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond.” Charaka is known as the Father of Medicine. Charak was born in 1st century ancient India in […]Read More

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In 1650 it was started as a captivated drink in the west indies. Before 1620 people drink spirits for medicinal purposes but when rum came people drink this for pleasure. The Caribbean has the largest rum distillery it produces 1000,000 liters per day. In the 18th century, rum became very popular when it is used as currency when sailors received rum for payment. Read More