#ScientificSages: Kanad

 #ScientificSages: Kanad

Renowned Physicist, Maharshi Kanand

वेगः निमित्तविशेषात कर्मणो जायते।वेगः निमित्तापेक्षात कर्मणो जायते नियतदिक क्रियाप्रबन्धहेतु।वेगः संयोगविशेषविरोधी॥

Meaning, that action on objects generates motion. The external action being direction causes the motion to be directional. An equal and opposite action can neutralize the motion. 

Maharishi Kanad  is known as Kashyap, Kashbhuj, Uluka, etc. His name translates to ‘atomic eater’, he was an ancient Indian scientist and philosopher, who founded the Veseshik school. 

Little is known about his life,  he is known to have developed the foundation of the nuclear approach. Though there’s a lot of debate about his birth, it is said that Kanad was born around the 2nd century. 

His text is known as Kara Sutra. Maharishi Kanad has described life as an organized form of atoms and molecules and death, as an unorganized form. Kanada’s book Vaishika Sutra is written in aphoristic style, which presents his theories on the creation and existence of the universe using atomism. 

The National Aeronautical Laboratory in Bangalore runs a science magazine named Kananda. Vaisesika philosophy is referred to by Max Müller and other scholars as the six pillars of philosophy. Indian philosophy, based on the Vaisesika textbook, considers under the title of metaphysics. 

Chetan Singh

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