#ScientificSages: Panini

 #ScientificSages: Panini

Father of linguistics Panini

विलोक्य सङ्गमे रागं पश्चिमायां विवस्वतः ।

कृतं कृष्णं मुखं प्राच्या न हि नार्यो विनेर्ष्यया ॥

Seeing the Sunlight up, the West lady’s face East grew envious, and her face was dark Indeed no woman is free of jealousy. 

Panini is believed to be born between about 4 to 6 centuries, he was a Sanskritist and grammarian scholar of ancient India. He is known as the father of linguistics and was influential on the grammar of Padini even above Ferdinand de Saussure and Leonard Bloomfield.

The book written by Panini Ji is known for Ashtadhyaya. Rules on Linguistics, Syntax, and Semantics in 3959 verses or eight chapters, which is the foundational text of the Grammar branch of the Vedanga, a Sutra-Shelley treatise on Sanskrit grammar. The most important of his works is Ashtadhyayi, a grammar guide that defines the Sanskrit language. 

Panini’s treatise enriched grammar, whose intention was to make it enjoyable to read, it is said that Panini lived in Shalatura in ancient Gandhar. According to Patanjali’s Mahabharata, according to verse 1.75.13, his full name was Dakshinaputra Panini.

Chetan Singh

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