#ScientificSages: BAUDHAYAN

 #ScientificSages: BAUDHAYAN

A Math Geek called Baudhayan

Budhyayan Ji is known as a very great mathematician of India, it is said about him that he had discovered it 1000 years before the birth of Pythagoras. 

His interest in mathematical computations was greater than his interest in religious themes when he penned the Sulbasutra. Sulbasutra facilitates the solution of mathematical difficulties. Baudhyayan Ji said that the value of ‘Pi’ is approximate, and he is credited for discovering the value of pi. In most nations today, Baudhayana tells Sulbasutra to Pythagoras’ theory, which was reported in Mesopotamia in 1800 AD.


दीर्घचतुरश्रश्याक्श्य ररु: पारश्र्वर्वमानी तिर्यग्ज्ज च यत् पर्थग् भूते कुरुस्तदुभयं करोति ॥

Means, A rope stretched along the length of the diagonal produces an area which the vertical and horizontal sides make together. 

There are 6 texts in the Baudhayayn Sutra, the book written by Baudhayayn. Sraut Sutra, 19 Pranas (Prasas) Karmat Sutra in 20 chapters, Dwya Sutra in 4 Prana Grihasutra in 4 life Dharmasutra in 4 life and Sulabh Sutra in 3 chapters. This book is one of the oldest texts of Hinduism, which covers religion, rituals, and mathematics.

Chetan Singh

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