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Exploring the Ancient Strategy Game: A Deep Dive into Ashtapada

Ashtāpada, refers to the game’s 8×8 chekered-board. Patanjali mentioned this interpretation in a Mahābhāshya text from the second century. Literally translating, Ashtapada translates to “eight-legged” in Sanskrit. The Sutrakrilānga, an early Brahman book, explicitly denounced the game. The Vinayapitaka, a canonical Buddhist literature from the fourth or third century BC that introduces the Buddha’s Dialogues, […]Read More

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Vishakhadatta: Unraveling the Enigma of an Ancient Sanskrit Playwright

Vishakhadatta, an illustrious figure in the tapestry of ancient Indian literature, remains shrouded in mystery, with only faint glimpses of his life found in the verses of his surviving works, Mudrārākṣasa and Devichandraguptam. Despite the scarcity of biographical details, scholars have attempted to place him in the chronicles of Indian history, sparking debates about his […]Read More

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Decoding Bharavi’s Literary Heritage: Unveiling the Epic Odyssey of an

Bharavi, who thrived in the 6th century AD, was a Sanskrit poet renowned for creating the epic “Kiratarjuniya” (”Arjuna and the Mountain Man”). This classical Sanskrit epic falls under the category of mahakavya, or “great poem.” Marked by its elevated expression and intricate style, Bharavi’s poetry possibly left an imprint on the work of the […]Read More

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Unveiling Shudraka: Exploring the Legacy of Ancient Indian Playwright

Shudraka, an enigmatic figure in the realm of classical Sanskrit literature, occupies a distinctive place in the historical and literary landscape of ancient India. Believed to have lived during the early centuries of the Common Era, Shudraka is primarily known for his celebrated work, the “Mrichchhakatika,” which translates to “The Little Clay Cart.” This timeless […]Read More

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Asvaghosa: Unraveling the Enigma of a Prolific Buddhist Philosopher and

Asvaghosa: Unravelling the Enigma of a Prolific Buddhist Philosopher and Dramatist  Aśvaghoṣa, alternatively transliterated as Ashvaghosha and etymologically signifying “Having a Horse-Voice,” is identified as a prominent figure in the realm of Sarvāstivāda or Mahasanghika Buddhist philosophy, dramatic literature, poetry, and oratory, originating from the Indian subcontinent. His birthplace is recorded as Saketa, the modern-day […]Read More

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Unlocking the Legacy of Banabhatta: Exploring the Mastermind Behind ‘Kadambari’

Banabhatta, a famous author of traditional Sanskrit literature, is a guiding light in the extensive canon of Indian literature. His literary skill helped to shape the development of Sanskrit literature in the seventh century CE, leaving a lasting impression on the fields of the arts and culture. The “Kadambari,” a compelling work of fiction that […]Read More