MITHILA – The University of Jurisprudence and Logical Science

 MITHILA – The University of Jurisprudence and Logical Science

Mithila University was built by King Janak, which was known for jurisprudence and logical science. In this university, jurisprudence was established by Akshpad Gautam. It was considered an important place for learning from the 12th to the 15th century. This school was formed in the court of King Janak, where he built a seat of learning and then changed that seat and which took the form of Mithila University. 

Prominent historians denote about Mithila University that the texts here only had to be memorized, they could not be kept in writing, and the age limit of the students was at least 12 years. (Peace), Dant (self-restraint), Uparta (self-denial) were used. 

Many great teachers and scholars of this university have made the educational system. 

▪Sukhdev (son of sage Vyasa) who received high spiritual knowledge from King Janak in Mithila University.

▪ Maharishi Panchshikha, who was a scholar here, gave the knowledge of Sankhya Shastra to Dharmadhwaja Janak and wrote a book called Shashti Tantra. There are 60 chapters in this book, in which there are 60,000 verses. In this book, the relationship between the soul and the body has been told about worldly life and after death. 

▪Ayachi Mishra, the scholar who composed the jurisprudence, taught this subject without any fee. 

Although Nalanda, and Vikramshila were all destroyed by the Mughals, Mithila was spread by ancient philosophers and Gurukulas and remained until the 20th century. To reduce the influence of Buddhism, Gangesa Upadhyaya and Raghunath Shiromani created a new version of the Nyaya Shastra, which is known as the Navya Nyaya school. After the creation of this university, the importance of Mithila University declined.

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