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Discovering the Divine: Somnath Temple, the First Jyotirlinga of India

Jyotirlingas are religious representations of the Hindu god Shiva. The term is a Sanskrit composite of Jyotis (‘radiance’) and linga (‘sign’). The Śiva Mahāpurāṇam (also Shiva Purana) lists 64 original jyotirlinga shrines in India. According to a Shiva mythology from the Shiva Purana, Brahma (the deity of creation) and Vishnu (the god of preservation) had […]Read More

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Scent and Sensibility: Exploring the Social and Cultural Dimensions of

Perfumery embodies a profound cultural significance, serving as a symbol of hospitality, spirituality, and personal expression across the globe. From the ancient rituals of Egypt to the contemporary practices of today, perfume has woven itself into the fabric of societies, enriching traditions, ceremonies, and everyday life. Beyond its olfactory allure, perfume has long been a […]Read More

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From Pastoralism to Progress: Exploring Maasai Mara’s Pastoral Traditions

The Maasai Mara and its people stand as a symbol of East Africa’s rich cultural heritage. Their nomadic and pastoral lifestyle weaves through the vast landscape of northern, central and southern Kenya. They are admired for their deep-rooted traditions and steadfast connections to the land, along with that they also embody resilience amidst all the […]Read More

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Exploring India’s Rich Tattoo Traditions: From Mehndi to Cultural Designs

Indian Tattoo Traditions: Explore the rich history of tattooing in India, including the ancient practices of mehndi (henna) tattoos and the cultural significance of various tattoo designs: Tattooing is a centuries-old art form that has been utilized by various nations and civilizations. In India, tattooing has a distinct place in the cultural landscape and is […]Read More