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Gond Art and Culture: The Indigenous Aesthetics of Central India

India’s cultural landscape has various threads of traditions, spirituality and creativity that is said to be connected with the stories of tribal communities. Among these communities, the Gonds stand strong as an example of resilience, creativity and cultural richness. Comprising just over 9 million, out of the total tribal population of India, the Gonds represent […]Read More

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Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow: Cultural Significance of Yellow

In a world adorned with the vibrant hues of nature’s palette, few colours command attention quite like yellow. It dances through the air in the golden radiance of autumn leaves, whispers secrets in the gentle flutter of canary wings, and bursts forth in the cheerful petals of daffodils heralding the arrival of spring. From the […]Read More

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Kunbi: Unearthing the clothing of Goan, Kunbi & Gowda tribes

Kunbi– the withering Goan textile tradition The thickly woven, coloured saree known as the Kunbi is well-known across the state of Goa. The earliest Goan tribes, that are, the Kunbi and Gawda tribes, are honoured by the name of the Kunbi saree.  The fabric dates back many centuries and before the Portuguese invasion. Since the […]Read More

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Art with the mystical pen– Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh

The major source for the well-known textile art, one of the simplest forms of visual art and design, known as Kalamkari, is the Swarnamukhi River’s banks, which are close to Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh. Indian handicraft artists have created aesthetic harmony on a variety of surfaces, including metal surfaces, terracotta, glass, and trees– practically all imaginable […]Read More

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Chanderi Silk – Weaving the Intricacies of a legacy

Chanderi is mentioned for its lightweight, vivid, and glossy texture. The phrase Chanderi is derived from a small city in Madhya Pradesh additionally called ‘Chanderi’. Chanderi sarees are primarily popular among Marwari women and are also favoured in West Bengal for their white and darkish colour. India has the richest way of life with woven […]Read More