La Tomatina: Fighting pulp of the Tomatoes

 La Tomatina: Fighting pulp of the Tomatoes

La Tomatina is an annual festival held in the town of Bunol, Valencia, Spain that is known for its tomato-throwing extravaganza. It is one of the most unique and exciting festivals in the world, drawing thousands of people from all over the globe. The festival is centered around a massive tomato fight, where participants throw tomatoes at each other for hours on end. The festival has its roots in a food fight that broke out in the town square in 1945, and it has since become an annual event, they were inspired by similar events taking place in neighboring towns at that time, including one called “La Batalla del Guadiana” (Battle of Guadiana). It has become one of the most popular festivals in Europe, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world.


The origin of La Tomatina can be traced back to 1945, when a group of young men were participating in a parade on the streets of Buñol. One of the participants fell to the ground and began to throw tomatoes from a nearby vegetable stall. The rest of the crowd followed suit, and that is how the tomato fight began. The following year, the same group of young men decided to repeat the tomato fight, and it became an annual tradition. The festival was banned during the Franco era, but it was reinstated in the 1970s.

The festival takes place on the last Wednesday of August each year, and it is part of a week-long celebration that includes parades, fireworks, and live music. The main event of La Tomatina is the tomato fight, where participants throw tomatoes at each other until the streets are covered in red pulp. The tomatoes used in the festival are specially grown for the occasion and are not fit for consumption. The town square is transformed into a massive arena, with trucks full of tomatoes ready to be thrown. At exactly 11 am, a cannon is fired to signal the start of the tomato fight, and trucks filled with ripe tomatoes enter the square.

The festival kicks off in the morning with the “palo jabón,” a greased pole with a ham on top. The goal is to climb the pole and retrieve the ham, but it’s not an easy feat with the greasy surface and the crowd of people trying to pull you down. After the ham is retrieved, the tomato trucks roll in and the tomato fight begins. It’s a free-for-all, with no rules other than not throwing anything other than tomatoes. Participants are encouraged to wear old clothes and goggles to protect their eyes. The tomato fight lasts for about an hour, but it feels like much longer. The streets are covered in a thick layer of tomato juice, and participants are completely drenched from head to toe. After the tomato fight ends, participants head to the river to clean off and celebrate with food and drinks and fire trucks hose down the streets, and the town returns to its normal state. La Tomatina attracts people of all ages and nationalities.


Although it can be a fun and exciting experience for some, it is important to take precautions to ensure that everyone stays safe during the event. Here are some important precautions to consider:

  • Wear protective clothing: It’s important to wear protective clothing to prevent injuries and staining of your clothes. Wear old clothes that you wouldn’t mind throwing away after the event. Goggles, gloves and a hat can also be worn for additional protection.
  • Stay hydrated: Tomato fights can be physically demanding, and it’s important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the event.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert to avoid collisions or falls.
  • Avoid throwing whole tomatoes: It is best to slice the tomatoes into smaller pieces before throwing them to avoid causing serious injuries to others.
  • Respect others: Although it is a fun event, it’s important to respect other participants and avoid throwing tomatoes at people’s faces or targeting specific individuals. Also, be mindful of elderly and young people who may not want to be involved in the event.

By following these precautions, everyone can have a fun and safe time at tomato fights.



The significance of La Tomatina lies in its ability to bring people together in a fun and lighthearted way. The festival is a way for people to let loose and forget their troubles, if only for a day. It is also a way for people to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. La Tomatina is not just a fun event; it has also become a symbol of international friendship and camaraderie. People from all over the world come together to celebrate this unique festival and to embrace the joy of life.

However, the festival is not without controversy. Some locals feel that it has become too commercialized and that it is no longer about the community but rather about making money from tourists. There have also been concerns about the environmental impact of the festival, with thousands of tomatoes going to waste. Despite these concerns, La Tomatina remains one of the most popular festivals in Spain and the world. It’s a unique and unforgettable experience that draws people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate in a truly messy and fun way. In recent years there have been over 100,000 attendees each year with people coming from all over Europe to participate!


In conclusion, La Tomatina is a festival like no other. It’s a celebration of community, fun, and of course, tomatoes. If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience, then this festival is definitely worth checking out. Just be sure to bring a change of clothes and a sense of adventure! If you are planning to attend La Tomatina, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance, as hotels and hostels in the area tend to fill up quickly. Also, be prepared to get messy, as the tomato juice can stain clothes and skin. But most importantly, be ready to have a great time and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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