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Harisena: A Poet and Statesman of the Gupta Dynasty

In the rich tapestry of Indian history, The Gupta Dynasty, spanning from the 4th to 6th century CE, stands as a golden age of cultural and political flourishing. Renowned for advancements in astronomy, metallurgy, mathematics and literature, the Guptas fostered monumental achievements celebrated by all Indians till this day. Historians regard the Gupta period as […]Read More

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Asvaghosa: Unraveling the Enigma of a Prolific Buddhist Philosopher and

Asvaghosa: Unravelling the Enigma of a Prolific Buddhist Philosopher and Dramatist  Aśvaghoṣa, alternatively transliterated as Ashvaghosha and etymologically signifying “Having a Horse-Voice,” is identified as a prominent figure in the realm of Sarvāstivāda or Mahasanghika Buddhist philosophy, dramatic literature, poetry, and oratory, originating from the Indian subcontinent. His birthplace is recorded as Saketa, the modern-day […]Read More

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Unveiling the Literary Brilliance of Kalidasa: India’s Great Ancient Poet

The famed ancient Indian poet and dramatist Kalidasa, sometimes referred to as the, made significant contributions to traditional Sanskrit literature. His writings have permanently altered India’s literary and cultural environment, and because of their masterful craftsmanship and timeless subjects, they are still praised and studied today. This essay sheds insight into the unrivaled literary brilliance […]Read More

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Egyptian: oldest recorded language of the third millennium BCE

The Egyptian language is one of the oldest recorded languages in the world, spanning several millennia. The earliest examples of the language date back to the third millennium BCE. The language has a rich history that has evolved over time, with significant changes occurring during different historical periods. This blog post will focus on the […]Read More