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Ancient history

VIKRAMSHILA – The Premier University

Vikramshila University was the center of Vajrayana Buddhism, where 1000 students were taught by more than 100 teachers, in which logic, grammar, philosophy, astronomy, law, etc. were taught. There were many temples in this university, for the care of which 108 schools were kept. The founder of Tibetan Buddhist Sakra traditions was Atiya Dipankar a student of this school. Read More

Ancient history

NALANDA – “Institute of National Importance”

Nalanda University has a different status from the point of view of arts. Bright red bricks were used in the construction of Nalanda University. It has a huge door surrounded by walls including many stupas, temples, meditation halls, parks, lakes, etc. The specialty of this university is its library, Ratnasagar, Ratnaranjaka, and Ratnodadhi, which were furnished in three multi-story buildings. Read More