VIKRAMSHILA – The Premier University

 VIKRAMSHILA – The Premier University

Vikramshila was an important center of Tantric Buddhism in the 8th century AD, which was located 40 km from Bhagalpur in Bihar. It was established by the Pala Empire. Vikramshila gave birth to many scholars, who were sent abroad to spread religion and culture.

Vikramshila University was the center of Vajrayana Buddhism, where 1000 students were taught by more than 100 teachers, in which logic, grammar, philosophy, astronomy, law, etc. were taught. There were many temples in this university, for the care of which 108 schools were kept. The founder of Tibetan Buddhist Sakra traditions was Atiya Dipankar a student of this school. 

The structure here was measured to be a total of 330 meters, the architectural style of the Buddhist form is seen on the walls of the university, on this, a huge monastery has been built for the monks, this 15 meters high and two-story monastery mainly consists of The stupa. Here arched rooms of some classrooms have been made for the intensive study of the students. The use of terracotta art has been seen for decoration, the art here depicts the life of Buddhists and their deities. 

 Vikramshila University was destroyed by 1193 Muslim invader, Bakhtiyar Khilji, it is said that Bakhtiyar Khilji had mistaken it for a palace, and he burnt it. 


During the excavation in Vikramshila, many bound sculptures, and idols of Loknath, Mahakal, Ganesh, Surya, and Kuber were found. Its glorious history which we should not forget because we can learn a lot from history, and our country is full of such history.

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