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Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism: Unraveling the Secrets of Ancient Technology

 In the year 1900, the tranquil waters near the island of Antikythera bore witness to a momentous event that would ignite the spark of underwater archaeology. Amidst the aftermath of a storm, Greek divers hailing from the island of Symi sought refuge and respite near the shores of Antikythera. Clad in cumbersome copper and brass […]Read More

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Monuments of Morality: Unraveling the Legacy of the Ashokan Pillar

“Dhammaghosha is now replacing Bherighosha…” The significance of this statement found in Ashokan inscriptions is monumental. For the first time in world history, there was a King who understood the futility of war and instead considered looking after his subjects as the true aim of a KIng. Rightly known as “The Great”, this King was […]Read More

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Echoes of the Ancients:The Rosetta Stone and the Allure of

  Ancient Egypt with its unparalleled pyramids, the mysterious Sphinx, intriguing artefacts and captivating Hieroglyphs has fascinated millions ever since modern archaeology started revealing these monuments and artefacts oftentimes millenia old to the general public at large. But the inability of researchers and historians to decipher the Hieroglyphics proved to be a huge challenge in […]Read More