World Toe Wrestling Championship: The Hidden Gem of England

 World Toe Wrestling Championship: The Hidden Gem of England

England is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lively culture. When it comes to sports, many people think of traditional ones such as football, basketball, and baseball. However, there are some sports that are not as well-known but are just as exciting to watch. There is one hidden gem that is often overlooked by tourists and locals alike: The World Toe Wrestling Championship. This lesser-known sport is a unique and entertaining event that takes place annually in Derbyshire, UK, is a must-see for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary. This blog post will explore the fascinating world of toe wrestling and why it is worth checking out.

The Origin of Toe Wrestling

Toe wrestling originated in Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn, Staffordshire, England in the 1970s. The sport was created by four drinkers in a pub who were looking for a new way to pass the time. They noticed that arm wrestling was becoming too popular and began to experiment with toe wrestling. The first official toe wrestling championship was held in 1976 and has been gaining popularity ever since and has been featured on television shows and in newspapers around the world. Every year, the small town of Ashbourne, England hosts the World Toe Wrestling Championship, a bizarre yet entertaining event that draws competitors and spectators from around the world. The rules are simple: two opponents sit on the floor, lock their toes together, and attempt to pin their opponent’s foot to the ground for three seconds. The matches are best out of three, and the winner moves on to the next round.

The World Toe Wrestling Championship

The World Toe Wrestling Championship is held annually in Derbyshire, UK. It attracts competitors from all around the world, including Australia, Canada, and Japan. The event is filled with fun and excitement, with competitors dressed in colourful outfits and the audience cheering them on. The championship also features a children’s category, making it a family-friendly event. The championship is divided into men’s and women’s categories, with competitors ranging from seasoned veterans to first-time toe wrestlers. The matches can be intense, with competitors grunting, groaning, and sometimes even screaming as they attempt to pin their opponent’s foot to the ground.

One of the unique aspects of toe wrestling is the strategy involved. Just like in traditional wrestling, competitors must use their strength and technique to gain the upper hand. Some competitors try to overpower their opponent, while others use quick movements and agility to out-maneuver them.

The reigning men’s champion is Paul “The Toeminator” Beech, who has won the championship 14 times. He is known for his powerful toes and his ability to intimidate his opponents. The women’s champion is Lisa “Twinkle Toes” Shenton, who has won the championship six times. She is known for her quick footwork and her ability to stay calm under pressure.

The Rules of Toe Wrestling

World Toe Wrestling Championships contains several divisions including open matches for men, women, juniors and wheelchair users. Toe wrestling is a simple sport with straightforward rules.  Two competitors sit on the ground facing each other with their feet touching. The sport requires competitors to lock their big toes together inside specially designed rings while attempting to force each other’s feet outwards within three-minute rounds of gripping action. Competitors gain points by pinning down their opponents’ feet over two out of three bouts, earning them overall victory when all legs have been completed. Participants also enjoy great spectator support during these championships due to its entertaining value from both players and spectators alike with awards being handed out at the end of every competition night honouring player excellence across different categories such as Best Foot Fighter Overall Male or Female titles alongside various weight classes for smaller fighters involved who tend not exceed 85 lbs plus rules preventing those ages under 12 years taking part stressing importance that this is strictly an Adult Sport above all else!

Unique Cultural Experience 

The World Toe Wrestling Championship is a unique and entertaining event that is worth checking out. It is a hidden gem in England that showcases the country’s quirky and eccentric culture. The event is not only about the competition but also about the atmosphere and people attending it. The championship provides an opportunity to learn about a lesser-known sport and be a part of a community that celebrates it.

Outside of the competition, the event features music, food, and a variety of other activities. There are also awards given out for the best-dressed competitor, the best toe of the championship, and the best international competitor. The event has become a beloved tradition in Ashbourne, with locals and visitors alike coming together to celebrate the weird and wonderful sport of toe wrestling. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for local businesses to benefit economically by hosting workshops/experiences related to toe wrestling and selling merchandise associated with the sport.

Family-Friendly Event

The World Toe Wrestling Championship is not just for adults. The event features a children’s category, making it a perfect family-friendly event. It is an opportunity for parents to introduce their children to a new sport and spend quality time together. The championship provides a fun and safe environment for children to participate in and enjoy watching the competition with the rest of the family.


The World Toe Wrestling Championship is a unique and entertaining event that is worth checking out. While toe wrestling may seem like a strange and obscure sport, it is a testament to the human spirit of competition and the love of the unusual. The World Toe Wrestling Championship is a celebration of the weird and wonderful, and a reminder that there are endless possibilities for fun and entertainment in this world. It is a hidden gem in England that showcases the country’s quirky and eccentric culture. Whether you are a local or a tourist, toe wrestling is a must-see event that will leave you with unforgettable memories. So why not step out of your comfort zone and experience the excitement of the wrestling for yourself?

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