”Good people drink good beer.”
-Hunter S Thompson

INTRODUCTION:- Beer is the fermented alcoholic beverage, it is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. And after water and tea, it is the third most popular drink in the world. It is made with Maize, barley, etc. Sura is one of the Indian beers that has been produced in India during the Vedic eras (1500-1200 BCE).

HISTORY AND INVENTION:- Beer is one of the most ancient Drinks in the world. It was spread in Europe by German and Celtic tribes in back 3000 B.C, beer was produced by European monasteries in the 7th century A.D.

Joseph Schlitz brewing company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States, was first used to began the brown bottle use. That prevents harmful rays from destroying the quality and stability of beer.

TASTE, SMELL, TYPES, APPEARANCE:- Taste and smell of beer is perfumy sweet to rich,roasty, toasty aromas and its appearance is like light yellowish color. Beer is also called ale.

○ Pale
○ Brown Ale
○ Stout
○ Porter
○ Lager

CONCLUSION:- Beer is the oldest drink all over the world. It was produced in India during the Vedic era. But it is not very popular as Stronger alcoholic beverages like Whiskey and other beverages, because whiskey has high alcoholic content than beer. On 7th April every year united states celebrate national beer day. In the United States, only the beer industry generates 100 billion dollars profit. Stout flavor beer could help in the fight against cancer.

Chetan Singh

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