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Irezumi Tattoos: Unveiling Japanese Culture, History, Symbolism, and Artistry

Japanese culture has always been admired for its rich symbolism and complexity, which has spread to other creative forms. A complex tapestry of history, meaning, and craftsmanship, the ancient tradition of irezumi tattoos stands out among these forms of artistic expression. The subtle intricacies of Japanese society are reflected in these alluring tattoos, showing both […]Read More

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#WorldOfMythologies: Japanese Mythology – The Legends of Cosmology

There are several ancient mysteries that shaped the past of Japan. The spellbinding plethora of myths, beliefs, and rites that the Japanese mythology behold have been passed down to generations through oral tradition, archaeological sources, traditional art, and literary sources. The oldest surviving accounts of Japanese mythology are literary sources that include the “Kojiki” written […]Read More