JAGDALA MAHAVIHARA – The Scholars University

 JAGDALA MAHAVIHARA – The Scholars University

Jagdala Mahavihara was a Buddhist monastery, and a place of learning in Varendra. It was built by the kings of the Pala Empire, which is located in Bangladesh. It is said that Dharmapala, the first ruler of the Pala Empire, had himself built 50 viharas, one of which was Jagdala. 

The prominent scholars of this Math were Vibhuti Chandra, Mochkar Gupta, and Danshila of this Math. Who has done Tibetan translation of Sanskrit texts, related to Mahayana, Vajrayana of Anusan. 

 Kashmir scholar Shakyasreebhadra was instrumental in taking Buddhism to Tibet. In 1204, Jagdala fled to his homeland Nepal because Muslim invaders attacked here and destroyed it, which was an umbrella for India. 

Now only the ruins of Buddhist monasteries and old temples are seen in Jagdala, in the year 1999 Jagdala has been placed on the list of the world places by Unesco. And in the present times, there is a 105-meter-long mound that shows Buddhist archaeological remains.

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