The Story of Goddess Kushmunda

"Goddess of The Cosmic Egg" ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं कूष्मांडायै नम:

Maa Kushmanda or Adishakti is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri with zeal and zest. The word Kushmanda means the maker of the universe. She symbolizes the ‘cosmic egg’. Red is her signature color. 


The scriptures tell us that, when the world was created by Lord Brahma, it seemed dark and quiet, but then Kushmanda Maa smiled like a lotus flower, the darkness faded and the stars were born, the planets were formed. It is believed that she gave life to the universe, which was once nothing. She created three life forms- Goddess Mahakali, Maa Maha Lakshmi, and Maa Saraswati. These three forms were the first three lives in the universe. 


Kushmanda Devi has a strong aura, she illuminations the power of the sun. She is an orb of energy. Kushmanda Devi is also known as Ashtabhuja which means having eight hands and holds kamandal, Dhanush, kamal, Amrit Kalash, Chakra, Gada, and a rosary. She rides on a lioness, which depicts fearlessness. Malpua and seasonal fruits are offered to her. The devotees are blessed with peacefulness, energy, and health by Maa Kushmanda.

Niharika Das Balwani

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