No society can prosper if it aims at making things easier instead it should aim at making people stronger.

In Ancient India, the Mauryan dynasty ruled from 322-185 BCE, the Mauryan Empire was a geographically widespread in Iron age with historic power. Instigating from the kingdom of Magadha, the empire was the largest to have ever existed in the Indian subcontinent. When Chandragupta Maurya conquered the kingdom of Magadha, he founded the Mauryan empire in 322 BCE. The skillfully sculpted Ashoka Pillars are one of the relics from the Mauryan Empire.

During the Mauryan period, both women and men wore Unstitched garments called Muraja, Antariya, Uttariya. The main garment was made from white cotton, linen, or muslin was Antariya. Sometimes gold or other precious stone was used for embroidery. Antariya was a cloth draped around hips in kachcha style. Also, it has different styles while binding around waists such as Vethaka, Muraja, Pattika, or Kallabuka. Uttariya was the third item made from fine cotton or silk but for Poor people and it was again draped in different styles. It was used by women to also cover their heads in different styles having a beautiful embroidered border. The hairstyle were in such a way that two braids with centered parted or a large knot at the back and the bun was decorated with fringes and pendant.

After looking at their sculpture from history, we can state that the people from the Mauryan period were fond of wearing jewelry, like gold and precious stone – Coral, Rubies, Sapphires, Agates, and Crystals. Some Ornaments are common in both Men and Women like earrings, necklaces, armlets, Bracelets, and embroidered belts. ‘Kundala’ are earrings or karnika were of three types of simple ring. ‘Dehri’ is a Circular disc earring with a flower shape known as ‘Karnaphul’. Two kinds of Necklaces are worn, a short one called ‘kantha’ which was broad and flat usually made from gold and graved with precious stones, and a long one called ‘lambanam’. Baju band or armlets are worn in the Upper arm made of gold and silver and were also studded with precious stones occasionally. Bracelets called Kangan, Anklets, and Thumb finger ring was also worn in the Mauryan period.

The Persian soldiers were provided with stiched garments that were sometimes utilized for the military dress by the Mauryans. A sleeved tunic with cross straps across the chest to carry the quiver, and a leather belt with the sword. The lower garment was more often the Indian antariya relatively than the Persian trousers. The headgear was usually the turban or headband, whereas the Persians had worn the pointed cap. It shows an Interesting mixture of foreign and Indigenous garments and it also shows one of the early phases of evolution in the costumes of Indians.




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