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The story of Goddess Kaalratri

"Goddess of Auspiciousness and Courage"ॐ देवी कालरात्र्यै नम:

Maa Kaalratri is the most fierce form of Maa Durga. She is worshipped on the seventh day of Navratri. ‘Kaal’ denotes the word darkness or death and ‘Ratri’ means night. She is also known as Shubankari which in Sanskrit means auspicious. She is the Goddess who brought an end to darkness.

Once upon a time, a demon named Namuchi was killed by Lord Indra, and his brothers, Shumbha and Nishumbha were devastated by hearing the news. They decided they needed revenge from the Gods. Chandha, Mundha, and Raktabeej were the three old friends of Mahishasura- who were killed by Maa Katyayani. They teamed up together against the Gods and started a war, no God was able to defeat these powerful demons. All the Gods prayed to Maa Parvati, she understood their terror and created Chandi- another form of her. Maa Chandi killed Shumbha and Nishumbha, but Chandha, Mundha, and Raktabeej were so powerful in front of her that she was unable to defeat them. Then she created a further goddess who is celebrated as Kaalratri or Maa Kaali.

She is also known as Chamunda as she killed Chandha and Mundha. When Maa Kaali faced Raktabeej, his drop of blood to the ground would create another clone of Raktabeej- it was a boon from Lord Brahma to him. This inflamed Maa Kaali and she started drinking the blood of every clone of him and Raktabeej was eventually killed. Peace was back to the three worlds. It is believed that all the demons, monsters, and evil spirits fear Maa Kaalratri.

Her complexion is very dark, she has long curly untied hair, she is covered in blood and wears a garland of the skull. She holds a Vajra and a Krpaan in two hands while the other two are in blessing and protecting positions. She is offered Khichdi and Kheer during Puja. Maa Kaalratri endows the devotees with strength, and courage and blemishes all the negativity, evil spirit, and darkness around the world.